• Web Hosting

    First things first, I'm not a business limited or otherwise. I'm simply offering web hosting accounts to help other Webmasters out there that need a reliable and cheap place to host their website.

    So whether your new to the webmaster scene or not, everyone's welcome @ webdosser.com.

    These accounts can be used for many different projects not just vBulletin, and are fully managed and come with the latest cPanel control panel.
    webdosser.com will give you as much assistance as required to get your website up and running on our server.

    Quota: 500 MB
    Monthly Bandwidth: 2000 MB
    Max FTP Accounts: 1
    Max Email Accounts 2
    Max Quota per Email Address: 1024 MB
    Max Email Lists: 1
    Max Databases: 2
    Max Sub Domains: 2
    Max Parked Domains: 1
    Max Addon Domains: 1
    CGI Access
    NameServer1: ns1.webdosser.com
    NameServer2: ns2.webdosser.com
    Language: en

    4.50 a month or 50 a year

    I'm currently working on some policies for our web hosting packages so, until that's ready IF I see anything I don't like on anyone's account it will be terminated without notice and NO REFUNDS are available on ANY account at any time.

    I'm also not prepared to host warez, porn, roms, or anything illegal in any way whatsoever. NOT EVER!

    ALL web-hosting accounts are on a donation system through PayPal only, donations must be sent as to a friend or family, any donations sent that are not sent this way will be returned minus any fee's incurred.

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